Technology lowers barriers to productivity and collaboration. 

We are committed to working with individuals and groups across the Middlebury community to anticipate and meet our current and emerging technology needs.



You are our priority. Our professional and motivated staff are trained to partner with you on all aspects of technology—from administration to academics—to promote innovation and keep pace with the ever changing technology landscape.


Through collaborative partnerships that are responsive to Middlebury’s institutional technology needs, we support a transparent, communicative, and metrics-driven process.


To best support the Middlebury community, we are strategic and thoughtful in our goal to develop plans and designs that are sustainable and yield the most effective solutions.

  • We build and maintain trusted infrastructure (wireless, internet connectivity, email, video conferencing, help desk, collaboration tools) that is foundational, scalable, reliable, resilient and secure.
  • We innovate, automate, and deliver technology services that are intuitive, stable, secure, and resilient, with a focus on self-service.  


  • Unify all technology initiatives at Middlebury College under the office of the CIO, regardless of the reporting structure by FY 20.
  • Clearly articulate the role of Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) in our long-term technology roadmap.
  • Establish a clear plan for up leveling the security posture, business continuity and disaster recovery at Middlebury. 
  • Create a prioritized long-term roadmap of technology initiatives backed by a comprehensive architectural plan that makes heavy use of public cloud where applicable and justifiable. 
  • Work collaboratively and leverage resources available across all technology owners at Middlebury, resources at GMHEC, students at Middlebury College and out-sourcers where appropriate

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753