A still from the digital project Collinwood Fire.
A still from The Collinwood Fire, 1908, a digital interactive book and animated short film.

MiddData consults on, funds, and supports projects by faculty, staff, and students throughout the institution.

Our goal is to generate new ways to bring students into digital scholarship, assist with teaching and curricular development, coordinate faculty and student connections to technologists at Middlebury, and help link digital research and teaching to civically engaged public work. Explore funding options.

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An archive photograph showing the aftermath of the Collinwood Fire.

The Collinwood Fire, 1908

The Collinwood Fire, 1908 has the scope of a scholarly book but is, instead, a formally complex, multimedia, digital story. Many people contributed to the project, and we hope that others will do so by using and responding to it.

Teachers and students working together built every part of the website. From the beginning, our efforts had to be intensely collaborative because no individual had the range of design, technical, cinematic, research, and writing skills to complete it. This kind of shared digital scholarship in the humanities still stands in its infancy.

One turn in the digital humanities is toward the mining and processing of enormous bodies of data, but our project harnesses computing power in a very different way—to tell stories across media and in ways that have simply not been available to previous generations of students and scholars.

Project Team: Michael Newbury, Daniel Houghton, Elise Biette ’16.5, Maddie Dai ’14, Hosain Ghassemi ’17, James Graham ’16, Justin Holmes, Chad Kahn ’16, Sofy Maia ’16

A photograph from the Land and Lens collection showing a field gate in the fog.

Land and Lens: Photographers Envision the Environment

The Land and Lens exhibition features 71 photographs drawn primarily from the Middlebury College Museum of Art’s rich holdings of historic and contemporary photography. Several years in the making, Land and Lens was curated by Kirsten Hoving, Middlebury College professor of history of art, with the assistance of numerous students in her classes, interns, and research assistants.

Instead of publishing an exhibition catalog to be read after visiting the museum, the team produced a digital catalog to be accessed on the spot as visitors make their way through the exhibition.

Project Team: Kirsten Hoving, Kirk Horton ’17, Tevan Goldberg ’18, Sam Kudman ’17, Danny Padilla ’20, Kristin Richards ’17, Scott Waller ’17, Danielle Weindling ’17, Rachel Kang ’19

An archive photo of the 1907 Middlebury College baseball team.

Field House Museum

The exhibits on the Field House Museum site were generated by students in the winter term course Designing a Field House Museum, in collaboration with faculty, archivists, athletic administrators, and representatives of Sasaki Associates, the architectural firm charged with designing the new field house.

Each exhibit offers a thematic approach to Middlebury sports history. A separate exhibit features interviews with Middlebury coaches and administrators. Finally, we have created a timeline of Middlebury athletics.

Project Team: Holly Allen

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