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We at Projects for Peace are in awe of the incredible work our grantees do every summer. Please use the list below to read proposals, reports, and learn more about each one of the remarkable Projects for Peace students have carried out since 2007.

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School Title Country Year Sort ascending
Grinnell College Prontol: Community App USA 2021
Middlebury College Envisioning a Future Without Immigrant Detention through Advocacy and Education USA 2021
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Shush, A Project to Alleviate Sexual Stigma and Promote Healthy and Safe Sexual Practices, Mentally and Physically India 2021
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill FreeTechLib at Pink STREAM USA 2021
Williams College Place-Based Belonging Through Community Urban Agriculture Ecuador 2021
IH - New York Dialogue & Digitization: Meditating Peace for Craftsmen & Women Zimbabwe 2021
Bennington College Lxs Niñxs También Importan: Fostering Gender Equality in Children from Rural Areas in Ecuador Ecuador 2020
Dartmouth College Inspiring Academic and Career Success Through Peet-Mentorship: Bridging Butaro's Secondary and Post-Secondary Populations Rwanda 2020
Kenyon College Promoting Psychological Support Through Creative Arts Workshops in Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement Kenya 2020
Oberlin College Immigrant Women Too: Advocacy for Gender-Based Asylum USA 2020
St. Lawrence University No Child Left Behind: Combating Child Labor through Educational Infrastructure and Community Empowerment Project India 2020
University of Rochester Breaking Tribal Barriers Through Sports Kenya 2020
IH - London Unnati: The Voyage to Secure Peace India 2020
Bowdoin College Paje Women Empowerment Initiative: A Road for Entrepreneurs in Seaweed Farming Tanzania 2020
Denison University Equines, Equity, and Environmental Education: Promoting Resilience in Backside Youth Argentina 2020
Lake Forest College Language and Libraries: Expanding Educational Resources for Kosovar Youth Through English Learning and Library Access Kosovo 2020
Occidental College Art as a Tool for Empowering Youth in Namibia Namibia 2020
St. Olaf College Our Girls (Vasikana Vedu): Empowering Women Through the Erasure of Barriers to Healthcare Services Zimbabwe 2020
Vassar College Usafi Kijijini Ogada: Proper Sanitation in Ogada Kenya 2020
IH - London HIV Harm Reduction for Low-Income Migrant Communities Thailand 2020
Brandeis University Promoting Peace through Education and Women Empowerment: Espace sûr (safe space) for Women in Abidjan Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire) 2020
Drexel University Addressing Lack of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Infrastructure and Education in Sekameng, Lesotho Lesotho 2020
Lake Forest College Kuvaka: The Bolgatanga Library Project Ghana 2020
Pitzer College Reusable and Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads for Dalit Women in Rural Nepal Empowering Dalit Women through Innovation, Skill Training, and Awareness Nepal 2020
St. Olaf College Summer School for Peacebuilding: Reinforcing Peace through Education and Human Development for the Youth of the Palestinian and Syrian Refugees Lebanon 2020
Wartburg College Post Conflict Recovery: Mental Health Support and Economic Empowerment for South Sudanese Refugees in Northern Uganda Uganda 2020
MIIS Jiu jitsu as a Transformative Tool for Conflict Prevention Honduras 2020
IH - Berkeley The Hope Project Nigeria 2020
IH - New York Cultivating Peace with Youth in Binh Dinh, Vietnam Vietnam 2020
Carleton College Peace Building through Empathy and Solidarity: Intergroup Dialogue in Malaysia Malaysia 2020
Earlham College Generation for Peace: Armenia-Azerbaijan Peacebuilding through Oral History Armenia 2020
Lehigh University A Neglected Disease: Sickle Cell Diagnostic Test Strip Sierra Leone 2020
Pomona College Against FGM: Therapeutic Arts towards Healing the Cut Tanzania 2020
Swarthmore College Memorializing and Reimagining Resistance USA 2020
Washington & Lee University Photographing for Peace: Raising Awareness and Funds for Post-War Kalikot, Nepal Nepal 2020
IH - New York Rights Education Yemen 2020
IH - New York The School on the Borders Kenya 2020
Carleton College Empowering Women and Girls Through Mentoring Programs Ethiopia 2020
Franklin & Marshall College Empowerment through Education Nepal 2020
Lewis and Clark College Espacios de Autocuidado: Awareness and Healing for Women in Iztapalapa, Mexico City Mexico 2020
Princeton University "We have it Within": Mentoring the Next Generation of Community Activists USA 2020
Trinity College Wonder on Wheels: Bringing Mobile Education to the Children of Daily Wage Laborers and Slum-dwellers India 2020
Wellesley College Sustainable Agriculture For Sustainable Development Kenya 2020
IH - New York Using Artivism for Kashmiri Youth Led Peace Advocacy and Healing India 2020
Case Western Reserve University Donation of Medical Equipment to Environmentally Sustainable Health Clinic in Borneo, Indonesia Indonesia 2020
Furman University Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution in Greenville, SC USA 2020
Luther College Peace Input Laos 2020
Princeton University Arts & Activism in Crown Heights USA 2020
Tufts University Entrepreneurship Camp for Peace Rwanda 2020
Wesleyan University BCV: Preparing Marginalized Youth for the Future of Work USA 2020