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We at Projects for Peace are in awe of the incredible work our grantees do every summer. Please use the list below to read proposals, reports, and learn more about each one of the remarkable Projects for Peace students have carried out since 2007.

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School Title Country Year Sort ascending
Lake Forest College Zambia's Forgotten Children: Home of Happiness for Children with Disabilities Project Zambia 2021
Oberlin College Springboard Scholars Program Ghana 2021
St. Olaf College Youths Without Taboos: The First Sex Education Camp in Colombia Colombia 2021
Vassar College makerBoards USA 2021
IH - New York Bridging the Gaps Between Justice, Art & Medicine to Resolve Global LGBTQ+ Health Disparities Grenada 2021
IH - London Achieving Peace with PACE: A Digital Lab for Peace, Awareness, Collaboration and Empowerment for Rural India India 2021
Carleton College Multi-perspectival Public Scholarship on the History of U.S. Political Polarization USA 2021
Denison University Sante Manman: Restoring Agency in Maternal Health USA 2021
Lehigh University Diagnosing Autism in Africa Sierra Leone 2021
Occidental College Kritikos: Democratizing Philosophy Malaysia 2021
Trinity College Documentary: "The Owners, The Keepers, and The Masters" Argentina 2021
Wartburg College Thuto Ke Thari Ya Sechaba (Education is the Key to Success) Botswana 2021
IH - New York Flashpoint: Kekchi Territory Documentary Series and Conflict Resolution Campaign Guatemala 2021
IH - New York First Anti-Sexual Harassment Toolkit for A Civil Society 2021
Case Western Reserve University Education for Disabled Children in Baham, Cameroon Cameroon 2021
Earlham College EdLight Initiative: Help Students Stay in Schools with Digital Quality Education Haiti 2021
Lehigh University Promoting Peace: Empowering Ugandan Youth through Education and Sports Uganda 2021
Pitzer College Water Independence Through RainScales: Water Collection Devices for Township Homes in South Africa South Africa 2021
Trinity College Ex-Yu Youth Leadership Conference: Networking for Peace Serbia 2021
Wartburg College Drinking Water and Female-Friendly Washroom Nepal 2021
IH - New York Youth Ambassador for Peace Program (YAPP) India 2021
IH - New York Fly the Eagles in Liangshan China 2021
Yale University The Golden Heights Project: Youth Civic Engagement Program USA 2021
Claremont McKenna College A Community-Led First Foods Forest USA 2021
Franklin & Marshall College Raise Your Voice: A Fight Against Domestic Violence Pakistan 2021
Lewis & Clark College #MoreThanAMinority: Reducing Discrimination Through Interactive Exhibitions Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021
Pomona College Project Spark: Sparking Entrepreneurial Spirit Combatting the Water Crisis Kenya 2021
Tufts University Promoting Peace for Mothers: Support and Resources for East Boston Families USA 2021
Washington & Lee University Tokomeza Kata Kimeo: Combating Traditional Uvulectomies in Tanzania Tanzania 2021
IH - Alberta Resource Centre for Peace By & For Indigenous Women & Girls Canada 2021
IH - London Transitional Justice Technical Working Group in East Sudan Sudan 2021
Agnes Scott College Light Up the Classroom in Haiti Haiti 2021
Clark University Pintag Amaru: Amplifying Indigenous Voices Ecuador 2021
Furman University Planting Peace with Police USA 2021
Luther College Lift as You Rise Zimbabwe 2021
Princeton University Writing Across the Valley USA 2021
Union College Empowering Entrepreneurship Course Ghana 2021
Wellesley College Innovating Environmental Health: Building Peace through Collaborative Engineering and Education for Clean Air Nepal 2021
IH - London Celebrating Refugee Contributions to the UK United Kingdom 2021
MIIS Handicraft Training Center Madagascar 2021
Amherst College "Kung Flu" Fighters: Illuminating Resilience & Solidarities Among the Chinese Diaspora Spain 2021
Colby College Art for Peace Haiti 2021
Future Generations University Economic Empowerment Project for Peace Haiti 2021
Macalester College Listen to the Sound of Change: Interethnic Cooperation for Children with Disabilities Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021
Randolph-Macon College Hülili Project USA 2021
University of Chicago A Greener Village: Combating Environmental Injustice Through Urban Farming USA 2021
Wellesley College REFUGYM: Establishing a Sports Program for Refugees Greece 2021
IH - New York Ius Sweden 2021
Bard College Thrift 2 Fight for Peace: A Fundraising Tour USA 2021
Colby College Mentor Mentee Program for Promoting Mental Health in Korean Youth South Korea 2021