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We at Projects for Peace are in awe of the incredible work our grantees do every summer. Please use the list below to read proposals, reports, and learn more about each one of the remarkable Projects for Peace students have carried out since 2007.

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School Title Country Year Sort ascending
St. John's College Agar: Promoting Peace through a Youth Mentorship Website in Ethiopia Ethiopia 2019
University of Oklahoma Economic Empowerment of Women in Non-developed Villages of Armenia Armenia 2019
Yale University Chikukwa Community Library and Theater Project Zimbabwe 2019
IH-New York Immersive Storytelling of a Rohingya Refugee Experience Bangladesh 2019
Bowdoin College Push the Boundaries: Artistic Empowerment Program for Sarawakian Youth in Malaysia Malaysia 2019
Connecticut College A Path to Peace: Trail Maintenance with Native American Tribes in Connectictu USA 2019
Hood College Vocational Training to Female Mukta Kamaiya and Kamlari and Deprived Women in Tikapur Kailali Nepal 2019
Oberlin College Nepali Dreamers Nepal 2019
St. Lawrence University Ke batla go itse: A Sexual Violence Prevention Program Botswana 2019
University of Pennsylvania Promoting Peace Through STEM Education and Confidence Building for Refugee Children USA 2019
Skidmore College Air dan Terang: Providing Clean Water and Sanitation Solutions in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Indonesia 2019
IH-London Refugee/Migrant Children Education and Integration Morocco 2019
Brandeis University CLUB DEL ESPENDRÚ Academic Summer Camp Cuba 2019
Cornell University Nimechill Initiative Kenya 2019
Kalamazoo College Economic Empowerment for Ecuadorian Women Ecuador 2019
Occidental College United American Indian Involvement Photo Archival Project USA 2019
St. Olaf College Peace Camp 4.7 — Empowering Timorese Youth Through Civic Engagement and Global Citizen Education Timor-Leste (East Timor) 2019
University of Richmond Soma Nyekundu (Read Red) Kenya 2019
IH-Washington, DC Girls Leading the Way: Building Peace through Entrepreneurship Burkina Faso 2019
IH-New York Culture for Peace Turkey 2019
Brown University Dancing Towards Survivance: Indigenous Arts and Science USA 2019
Dartmouth College A Health-Based Approach for Peacebuilding in Northwestern Rwanda Rwanda 2019
Kenyon College Promoting Safe and Eco-Friendly Menstrual Practices in Nepal Nepal 2019
Occidental College The Bhutia Dictionary: Preventing Himalayan Language Extinction India 2019
Swarthmore College Improving Healthcare Access for the Transgender Community in Lahore Pakistan 2019
University of Rochester Togetherness for Peace in Douala, Cameroon Cameroon 2019
IH-New York Komunidad (Community): Peace Hubs in Mindanao Philippines 2019
IH-Philadelphia Interviews that Humanize USA 2019
Bryn Mawr College Kaa Rada (Be Aware) Kenya 2019
Davidson College Public Art, Reclamation, and Social Change Mural Project USA 2019
Lake Forest College Safe Water, Safe Homes Mexico 2019
Pitzer College A Space for Solidarity: National Conference of Salvadoran Midwives El Salvador 2019
Trinity College Fostering Play in Bech Khlok, Cambodia Cambodia 2019
University of Rochester Amani Kupitia Ujasiriamali: Peace through Entrepreneurship in the United Republic of Tanzania Tanzania 2019
IH-Alberta Empowering Youth with Paints and Peace Ghana 2019
IH-Washington, DC Giving Peace a Chance: Workshops for Interfaith Harmony Pakistan 2019
Bucknell University Sci-Touche Rwanda 2019
Denison University Shield Our Watoto (Shield Our Children) Tanzania 2019
Lehigh University Strengthening Intercommunity Relationships Among Pastoral Communities of Northern Kenya Through an Integrated Peace and Education Initiative Kenya 2019
Pomona College Breaking Ceilings, Building Communities: A Young Women in Politics Summer Program USA 2019
Trinity College Awareness: A step towards abolishing chhaupadi Nepal 2019
University of Virginia A Path Toward Peace: Mining and Sustainable Development in Intag, Ecuador Ecuador 2019
IH-New York A Dialogue to Understand Violence Against Immigrants Mexico 2019
IH-London Music With No Borders Poland 2019
Bucknell University The Solar Backpack in Refugee Camps Lebanon 2019
Duke University Cultivating Youth's Peace-Building Skills: The Karsh Mentorship Initiative Nepal 2019
Lewis & Clark College Sports Education for Social Transformation: Proyecto Deportivo FTM Ecuador Ecuador 2019
Princeton University Creating Healthier Communities Through Food Justice in Kensington, Philadelphia USA 2019
Tufts University Let's Travel Kenya: Empowerment Through Travel Project Kenya 2019
Vassar College Football for the Future USA 2019