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  1. FacultyStudents

    New for Fall 2022 Students Can Register for Half-Credit Courses

    | by CTLR

    The Registrar announced students will be able to register for half-credit courses this fall that run for the entire semester but meet only one day per week, any exceptions to this meeting pattern will be noted in the description. Half-credit courses are labeled in Banner 9, the searchable course catalog, and on the course schedule under the instruction mode. For more information, see the Middlebury Campus article and the Registrar’s FAQs.

  2. Faculty

    Accommodating Students When Attendance Is Disrupted

    | by CTLR

    As students’ ability to attend classes in-person continues to be disrupted, faculty are encouraged to accommodate students through non-hyflex and hyflex methods and reach out to the CTLR and DLINQ as needed. Dean of Faculty Sujata Moorti, and Deans Jim Ralph and Grace Spatafora emailed, “This may include sharing your notes and power point slides on canvas, meeting with students during office hours, creating a buddy system among students, or establishing small learning communities.” Read full message.

  3. FacultyWriting Center

    Ways to Increase Meaningful Writing Experiences

    | by CTLR

    On January 24, Peer Writing Tutor Jack Torpey ‘24 and Director of the Writing Center Professor Genie Giaimo, presented on college students’ meaningful writing experiences as part of the 2022 Contemporary Teaching Series. The talk began with insights from the book The Meaningful Writing Project: Learning, Teaching, and Writing in Higher Education, followed by the results of an on-campus study conducted by Torpey in 2021. Read key points discussed in the workshop.

  4. FacultyStudentsWriting Center

    Eleven Students Receive Ward Prize for First-Year Writing

    | by CTLR

    On Thursday, January 13, participants gathered on Zoom to celebrate the nominees for the Ward Prize in First-Year Writing for 2020-21. Rather than having one winner and two runners-up, as in past years, the committee selected 11 of the 30 nominees to receive the prize. The change allows for a broader range of styles and disciplines to be adequately represented and recognizes there isn’t one dominant voice in student writing that can be deemed best. Read more about the celebration and see the digital book of essays.

  5. Faculty

    Teaching with Tenderness Author Becky Thompson Opens 2022 Contemporary Teaching Series

    | by CTLR

    Between leading participants in movement exercises she uses with her students, Becky Thompson spoke on Tuesday, January 11, about the current challenges to staying present in the classroom. Centered on the pedagogy in her book Teaching with Tenderness, the talk and following workshop opened the 2022 Contemporary Teaching Series on holistic, embodied approaches to teaching and learning. A recording of the talk is available to the Middlebury community. See upcoming events, including several on trauma-informed teaching, at go.middlebury.edu/contemporaryteaching.