Degree Dates

There are three official degree dates for Middlebury College:

  • March 1
  • May commencement date
  • August commencement date

The College must receive all final grades or course credits before a student is eligible to graduate. Even if a student is currently enrolled in courses that are not required for the degree, all course work must be finished before the degree is awarded. Candidates for the BA degree must complete 36 credits to cross the stage and receive a diploma at May Commencement.

Graduating Febs

Students who complete degree requirements in December or in January have an official BA degree date of March 1. Diplomas are mailed directly from Parchment to all Feb graduates.

Your Name on Your Diploma

When you complete the online Intent to Graduate form (online for BA candidates), you indicate exactly how you wish your name to appear on your diploma. This should be the formal version of your name, with proper accents, Jr. or III, and your middle name included, as you want it to appear many years afterward.  If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Lost Diplomas

Middlebury College will issue a replacement diploma, only if one was lost or damaged. We do not supply multiple copies. To request a replacement diploma, create an account with Parchment and order a replacement diploma through their platform.

The charge for ordering a replacement is $45 and includes both a secure digital copy and a printed diploma.

Since our diplomas are ordered from a national vendor, it can take several weeks to receive the printed replacement diploma, once it is requested. Keep in mind that the new diploma will contain the actual dates of your degree conferral, and your name the way it appears in the Commencement program, although the signatures will be those of our current administrators.

Diploma Translations

Many times graduates who apply for jobs or visas in other countries need a copy of the English translation of their Latin diploma. The Registrar’s Office can supply certified letters with the needed personalized translation. Email

The general translation of the undergraduate diploma is as follows:

Middlebury College
in the State of Vermont
To all students of letters
Eternal greeting in the Lord

Be it now known to you that the President of the College, with the approval of our honored and esteemed Fellows, has dignified and graced  [name] with the title and rank of Bachelor of Liberal Arts, and has conferred on her/him all the privileges and honors pertaining thereto. Let the official seal of the College and the signature of the President bear witness to this act.

Issued at the College on the [day and month] in the year of the Lord [year], and in the [year] year of the American Republic.


If a graduate needs additional certification of the degree for work abroad, an apostille may be required. In this case, please send your original diploma to the Registrar’s Office, along with cash, check or money order for the $10.00 fee, the Vermont Secretary of State’s required form and an addressed and stamped envelope to send the sealed document back to the sender. We will copy your diploma and notarize the copy. The diploma copy is notarized and sent on to the office of the Vermont Secretary of State, with the fee, form and the return envelope. We will return the original diploma directly to you. 

“The document, with proper notarization, must be brought or sent to the Secretary of State’s office in Montpelier. There the notary’s signature will be verified by comparing it to the notary appointment form on file and a simple document called an Apostille filled out and signed by either the Secretary of State or the Deputy Secretary of State. The Apostille then is embossed with the seal of the Secretary of State. A $10.00 fee per document should accompany the request. Once the process is completed, the document is then considered legalized in many countries.”