While reading Virgil’s Georgics

Keep high windows in the East Barn wide
all the fragrant stone and warmth inside,
the shingles song when cedar shakes,
Piney sings, and she hesitates.

To lend an ear or lend a lip
or glow in the maple shades and drips
honey to your tongue so thick
with hymns, and prayers, and candle wicks.

By night in carol or in winks
oil lamped a spotted lynx
bows to the evening star then sinks
‘neath her woody sky all rosed in pinks.

Then mousy as the light-foot air
morning brings her breads and pears
blueing all and what she bares
in yellow meads and lavenders.

Nick Sirianno MA ‘19 first came to Bread Loaf to attend the Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference, where he studied poetry under Maurice Manning.