monarch butterflies,



I continue to see

my quality in the clouds;

voice is about to break as if

giving in to the weight of

my worthy / my worry

is over my heels

spine is shifting,


in a curve forwards

and I defy


all this time;

all this time,

suspension is what

I’ve been after

and before



Amanda Donovan is a current BLSE student who teaches high school English in the Greater Boston area.

About this poem Amanda says, “This past summer, I went to Bread Loaf in a moment of what felt like mid-air suspension between leaving my life in Connecticut and moving to Massachusetts. I had already quit my teaching job of five years and packed up my life, but I did not yet have a new job lined up. Bread Loaf provided me a place to be suspended for a summer, clinging to nothing, hoping for the best. I’m so thankful for that space at Bread Loaf. I belonged nowhere and it was OK for a while.”