Welcome! The Bread Loaf Centennial Journal is a multimedia online publication celebrating Bread Loaf’s first hundred years and the promise of the coming hundred years. We will publish the journal on Bread Loaf’s website beginning in February 2020, adding content on a rolling basis throughout Bread Loaf’s Centennial year.


We are seeking creative work inspired specifically by your Bread Loaf experience.

Send us your poetry, stories, essays, memoirs, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, one-act plays, lyrics, comics, photography, video, photo essays, documentaries, two-dimensional art, videos of performances and readings, and as-yet unimagined genres of creative work.

Here are a few prompts to get you thinking, although your submission need not be limited to an idea from this list:

  • How has Bread Loaf contributed to transformation in your life? 
  • How has Bread Loaf influenced your identity?
  • What does it mean to be a Bread Loafer?
  • How have Bread Loaf places and people inspired you?
  • What Bread Loaf traditions have been most meaningful to you?
  • What important lesson did you learn at Bread Loaf? 
  • Is there a conversation you had at Bread Loaf that sticks with you? A flash of insight?
  • What’s the biggest idea you dreamed up at Bread Loaf? The most radical thesis you wrote at Bread Loaf? 
  • What will Bread Loaf look like in 2120?


We invite prose and poetry up to 2000 words, photos, videos, and audio files of 10 MB or less. Standalone excerpts from larger works and simultaneous submissions will be considered. Text pieces should be submitted as double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Word documents (no pdfs, please). We also suggest that those submitting audio or video files simultaneously submit transcripts to aid us in our effort to make the Centennial Journal widely accessible.


Please email blse100@middlebury.edu if you have questions or experience technical difficulties.