student reading outdoors
Marvin spends some down time reading at one of Monterey’s manicured public gardens.
student in classroom
Marvin engages in a discussion in his Literacy and Decolonization course, which meets each morning for two hours.
student in Monterey State Historic park
After class, Marvin heads to the old Fisherman’s Wharf, just a short walk from campus. The Monterey State Historic Park features twelve historically significant buildings, including the Old Custom House, seen here.
student at museum exhibit
The Pacific House Museum focuses on the history of California from Native American roots to later  Spanish, Mexican, and American rule. 
student at fisherman's wharf
Marvin looks over the Monterey Peninsula while sea lions and sea otters swim near the shore.
student in Fisherman's Wharf
Marvin strolls through the old Fisherman’s Wharf, which boasts a wealth of dining options.
student in downtown Monterey
Marvin makes a quick detour to Old Capitol Books in downtown Monterey before heading back to campus for an afternoon workshop.
workshop of students and faculty at BLSE Monterey
Marvin returns to campus in the late afternoon to participate in faculty member Jonathan Fried’s workshop on using acting tools to embody Shakespeare in the classroom.
student works with faculty member
Later in the evening, Marvin analyzes iambic pentameter in Shakespeare’s Macbeth with Bread Loaf faculty member Jennifer Wicke.
students on whale cruise in monterey bay
The day concludes with a whale-watching cruise on Monterey Bay for all students and faculty.