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Since 1991, Bread Loafers have been traveling to New Mexico to experience the exhilaration of Bread Loaf summers—the classrooms, the conversations, the camaraderie—all within the context of the unique charm and culture of the American Southwest. 

Director Emily Bartels is pleased to be commemorating Bread Loaf’s presence in New Mexico. “As one of three distinctive Bread Loaf sites,” she observes, “the campus in Santa Fe provides students an extraordinary opportunity to experience and interrogate the many links between literature and culture, learning and the environment, writing and place.”

Highlights and Features

A Campus Different

Bread Loaf/New Mexico has found a home in the Southwest at three different locations in the past twenty-five years.

A Vision for Multicultural Expansion

Bread Loaf opened its New Mexico campus in the summer of 1991 as a manifestation of its commitment to exploring the great diversity of literature and people.

The First Summer

John Elder led a stellar faculty and sixty-six students as New Mexico’s first on-site director and Alfredo Lujan began a twenty-five-year (and counting) stint as Director’s Assistant.

This is Where I Belong

Bread Loaf comes of age in Santa Fe; Georgia O’Keeffe and Cheryl Glenn agree.

25th Celebration Plans

This summer, Director Emily Bartels, on-site director Cheryl Glenn, and 2015 Bread Loaf faculty and students will celebrate as only Bread Loafers can.

Photo Album

We’ve collected years and years of photos from New Mexico. Share in the memories here.