Current Middlebury Staff Council

Staff can submit feedback, a question, or proposal via this form to Staff Council. Please note that all Staff Council representatives have access to the form submissions. Your feedback and comments are considered confidential within Staff Council. Unless you give us permission to use your name, all identifying information will be redacted from your comments. Should you need to submit feedback about an individual representative, email a member of the Staff Council Executive Committee.

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Executive Committee

  • President—Colleen Norden
  • Vice-President—Nicole Veilleux
  • Co-secretaries—Toni Thomas and Jim Zieger

Current Staff Council Members

District Representatives

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  • District A: Lexie Carlson
  • District B: Caroline Crawford
  • District C: Nicole Veilleux
  • District D: Asa Waterworth
  • District E: currently vacant
  • District F: Jim Zieger
  • District J: Jared Rawson
  • District K: Brent Simons
  • District L: Terry Simpkins
  • District M (MIIS): Elizabeth Bone

District M at large

Toni Thomas, Associate Dean, Academic Operations
Term: 2022-2024
Representing: Middlebury Institute Staff

Member at Large

Colleen Norden, Systems and Communications Specialist in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research
Term: 2022-2024
Representing: All College Staff


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Colleen Norden

Representative Spotlight: COLLEEN NORDEN (VT)

Colleen Norden is the Systems and Communications Specialist in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research at Davis Library. Starting in 2008 as an administrative assistant for Community Engagement and Undergraduate Research, Colleen brings over 15 years of dedication and experience to Middlebury, contributing to the vibrant fabric of our community.  

Over the years, her position evolved with campus restructuring, providing her with a unique perspective on various facets of Middlebury. Both the nature of her work, as well as the position changes, allowed her to intersect with most areas of the campus over the years and get to know many people, which she really enjoys. 

Her role allows for a hybrid schedule. Two days a week are remote, where she can focus more on project work and stay in touch by Zoom, email, or Teams. The other three days she’s on campus to spend time with colleagues and students. Having a flexible hybrid schedule is ideal as it includes increased time on campus during the semester with additional remote work during the summer.

Colleen has been our fearless Staff Council leader, serving both as President and At Large Representative*. This marks her second year in these roles, with her term ending in June 2024. Her dedication to staff representation is evident in her commitment to understanding and addressing critical areas. 

When asked what drew her to join staff council, Colleen shared, “I first got involved with Staff Council by joining the Compensation and Benefits Committee. I had been a board member for a community kitchen where I was a commercial producer and worked for a non-profit so was familiar with governance and wanted to get involved at Middlebury. In my role as president, I’ve tried to attend some meetings for each committee to get to know them. I’m really excited about some of the new committees this year and how they will allow us to increase work in these critical areas—continuous improvement, conflict transformation, and resources.  

I’d considered running for the council for a few years but I’m not sure I would have if it hadn’t been for multiple people who continued encouraging me to join. I was concerned about balancing Staff Council with my position’s workload. I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy. What it has done is provide me with a space to take all those conversations I have had with various colleagues and students and apply them through Staff Council work. Having opportunities to learn about and improve Middlebury at all points within its operations makes work meaningful for me.  

Honestly, I was confused. Middlebury is a good place to work for most but it should be great for everyone considering the assets we have (not just financial). Middlebury is beautiful, there is generally a good work environment with adequate pay and good benefits, though these factors can be uneven between different areas and employee groups on campus. I have a diverse work background and have witnessed genuinely exploitive work structures and practices at other employers. Why isn’t Middlebury currently a great place to work for everyone and what are the barriers to getting us there. Curiosity about those questions is why I joined Staff Council.” 

Colleen’s favorite Middlebury resource/tip? Having become an alum of Middlebury’s Bread Loaf School of English through the Human Resources’ Professional Development option, she encourages fellow staff members to explore this opportunity. Find out more about the chance to take classes at Middlebury here: Professional Development

As a fun fact, Colleen has always been “all about vegetables,” even earning some grief from her classmates growing up for choosing V8 over the usual soda. 

*Member at Large represents: All College staff.