| by Nicole Veilleux

Events, Staff

(VT) Come to the Peterson Family Athletic Complex Tuesday, April 18 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM for the Annual Employee Well-Being Fair.

35 Vendors (check out the full list on their brochure).




You can also sign up for the following activities:

Chair Massage - By Harold Vance of Summit View Massage LLC and Darcie Shedd of Body Charge Therapeutic Massage

visit go.middlebury.edu/Wellness-ChairMassage

Mini Tai Chi Class - Experience Tai Chi with Nancy McClaran and Rachel Edwards

visit go.middlebury.edu/Wellness-TaiChi

Bike Tune-Up - By Wheels on Wheels Mobile Bike Repair

visit go.middlebury.edu/Wellness-BikeTuneUp

Peterson Family Athletics Complex Facility Tour

visit go.middlebury.edu/Wellness-AthleticsTour

Campus Tree Tour - Led by Tim Parsons

visit go.middlebury.edu/Wellness-TreeTour

Release time approved: Per Middlebury policy a Release Time designation means that staff in non-critical positions may request permission from their managers to participate in this event. Managers will accommodate such requests, so long as essential services are not negatively affected.

For employees who do attend, participation that overlaps the employees’ regularly scheduled work hours will be considered regular paid time; participation that falls outside of normal work schedules will be unpaid.