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As spring break approaches, we encourage everyone to take some time for yourselves and recharge. Consider taking a moment to recognize a colleague, team member, or direct report! It’s a great way to celebrate the contributions — both big and small — that make Middlebury the great place that it is! Recognize a community member publicly or send a private message of thanks to the colleague you’d like to recognize.

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Lessons and Swimming at the Natatorium (VT) – Employee children may sign up for spring swim lessons from a student member of the swim team. The fee is $70 for four 30-minute sessions. Open swim is also available at the times listed on the Natatorium calendar. Children are welcome to accompany employees at any open swim hours. Other excellent fitness opportunities are available through our athletics facilities. See the general use guidelines. Other facilities may limit children’s usage during peak time (M-F 3-7 pm).  

Survey Update - We’re making progress with the analysis of the recent staff council survey and are scheduled to present the results to members of Senior Leadership on Thursday, April 11th, where we’ll delve into the details and discuss potential action items. Following this, we aim to host an open meeting on Wednesday, April 17th to share the outcomes with all staff members. Stay tuned for further updates! 

Meet Our Newest Staff Members

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  • Blake Emilo-Webb–Proctor Dining  
  • Colvin Hathaway– Catering  
  • Jefferey Heath–Grille  
  • Steve Landau– Public Safety  
  • Josephine Rodgers– Museum  
  • Casey Shine–Biology 
  • Anna Teach–Leadership Gifts 

Upcoming Events

Senior Leadership Group (SLG) meeting with District F (Facilities) and District J (Custodial) (VT) - March 18 from 10-11 am in Wilson Hall. All members of Staff Council, SLG, and Districts F (Facilities) and J (Custodial) are invited to a district meeting in McCullough’s Wilson Hall with refreshments. This is the first of a series of monthly meetings, each with a different Staff Council district(s). Contact Jim Zeiger (F) or Jared Rawson (J) with questions or suggested topics. 

Committee Updates

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Meeting Updates

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Representative Spotlight: LEXIE CARLSON 

Lexie Carlson is a dedicated Senior Financial Operations Analyst in the Academic Affairs department at Middlebury. With her extensive experience and expertise in financial management, Lexie plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth financial operations within the department. Her passion for problem-solving, creative thinking, and enjoying a positive work environment has driven her to become an active member of the Middlebury Staff Council, as a representative to District A

Lexie joined Staff Council in an interim capacity in March of 2023. As a member of Staff Council, Lexie embraces the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from various departments and leverage their collective knowledge and resources. She firmly believes that Staff Council serves as a vital hub for staff members to work together across the institution and effect meaningful change. Lexie’s commitment to continuous improvement and her genuine desire to contribute to a positive work environment has made her a true asset to the council. 

When Lexie needs a break from her financial responsibilities, she loves to scoot out of the office to explore the Middlebury campus and the TAM (Trail Around Middlebury). This not only helps clear her mind but also provides a refreshing change of scenery. 

Fun fact: Lexie has an identical twin sister. Even though they no longer live in the same place, she still responds when someone calls out, “Hey, Kate!” assuming that they are referring to her.  

Consider joining Lexie on Staff Council as a representative. Simply fill out this form to submit your interest. 

*District A represents Academic Affairs, Academic Coordinators, Assessment and Institutional Research, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research, Digital Learning and Inquiry, Mahaney Arts Center, Dean of Faculty Office, Environmental Affairs, Middlebury in DC, New England Review, Provost’s Office, Registrar, Sciences Technical Support Services