| by Middlebury Staff Council


Thank you for your patience as the new staff council team settles into our roles. As you may recall, we contacted you a month (or so) ago asking for feedback on the new staff compensation program. Thanks to those of you who took the time to submit your feedback.

It was good for us to see your honest responses so that we could represent our districts more accurately. After collecting your comments, Staff Council met with Caitlin Goss, Vice President for Human Resources and Chief People Officer, at her request, to share the data we collected. The response continues to be one that appears willing to listen and remain transparent. We will continue to work with HR and administrators to share feedback from our districts and will continue to advocate on your behalf. We will share updates when we have them.We welcome any additional thoughts/concerns/feedback you have as we continue this conversation.

Staff Council had a working meeting on Friday, September 2nd. The most important takeaways are below:

There has been a request from some staff to extend the employee holiday break to the full week of Thanksgiving (when there are no classes). Staff Council is considering bringing this to the administration. If you have thoughts on this, please us know.

To those of you who expressed interest in serving on a Staff Council committee, thank you! We have submitted your interest to the powers-that-be. It is now in the hands of the various committee chairs. You should hear back from them soon. If you haven’t heard and would like an update, please contact your district representative and they will be happy to investigate.

Our next Staff Council working meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 16. If you have anything you would like us to add to the agenda, please reach out at any time.