End of Semester Tutoring

International Language Tutors
Peer tutors will be available to meet through Monday, May 13. Work with a tutor on speaking, writing, and study skills for language courses. go/languagetutors

Peer ACEs (Academic Consultants for Excellence)
ACEs will be available to help with time management and study skills by appointment or at the Anti-Procrastination Station through Monday, May 13. Professional Learning Resources appointments will be available through Friday, May 10 with drop-ins during finals week in the CTLR suite from 10am-3pm on Monday, May 13-Wednesday, May 15. go/time

Writing Tutors 
Peer tutoring will be available through Sunday, May 12 for drop-ins and Thursday, May 16 online. Drop-in tutoring will be available at the AFC and CTLR. Online peer tutoring is available through WCOnline. Professional tutoring is available through Tuesday, May 21. Course-based writing tutor availablilty varies, please check with your tutor. Come to the writing center before you even have a draft for help with brainstorming, content production, and writer’s block. go/wc

STEM and Social Sciences
From theory to problem sets, STEM and Social Science peer tutoring will be available for individual appointments and drop-in sessions through Monday, May 13. go/stemtutoring

End of the Semester CTLR Support

The CTLR is here to help you navigate the rest of this semester. Stop by a drop-in session, check out our online tools at go/connect, and schedule an appointment at go/appt. Questions? Contact us at ctlr@middlebury.edu.

End of Semester Planner for Spring 2024

What to do When You’re Behind

Finals Week Sessions

Stop by the CTLR May 13-15 from 10am-3pm to study in community or for a stress break. See the Campus Calendar for more stressbuster events. go/lr

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