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What is Faculty 180?

Faculty 180 is an online system that has been implemented to support annual reviews/reporting, first and tenure reviews, as well as contract reviews for Middlebury and Monterey faculty. It is one central place for faculty to maintain their accomplishments, including publications, grants, teaching, and committee service.  Faculty can create custom curriculum vitae and biosketches, and provide information about their scholarly accomplishments through the system. Faculty can also search for other colleagues on either campus who share common interests.

As the faculty has grown, many processes have become paper-intensive, time consuming and very inefficient. Our old processes use valuable resources that could be used elsewhere. The decision to move to an e-portfolio system has been in process for two years. For specifics about how and why this decision was made, click here.
The return on investment for this system is significant. What are the benefits of using this system?

What data is pulled from Banner?

In order to provide the basics for this system, some data has been uploaded to this new platform.  This includes faculty name, address (campus only), phone (campus only), email address, courses taught and those courses currently being offered.   Through periodic uploads, the data is refreshed. Other data is entered by the faculty member.

Any data entered by the faculty member is stored in a secure server and is accessible only by the faculty member, system administrators, VPAA, and those who have read-only access for the purpose of a review (chairs, provost, president).

System Support

Although the system takes time to learn, it will save significant time and expense by having one location where faculty can store their contributions to their discipline, institution, and community.

Data 180, the company from which we purchased this service, has developed a significant Help archive, including videos and explanatory documents that are available to the faculty and the administration.  Middlebury staff have also developed some specific help menus and will continue to work on this aspect of the system.

In April 2017, Data 180 was purchased by Interfolio, the company that provides our faculty recruiting system. The two systems will therefore be linked by a common landing page, and a link between the two systems will be created sometime later this year.

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