My spouse/partner is looking for a job. Can you offer any assistance?
How do I activate my BannerWeb account?

Visit this page.

How do I get a College ID card?

Before obtaining an ID card, you must visit the Human Resources office in the Marble Works complex to fill out appropriate employment paperwork. After two working days, go to the Office of Public Safety (on Rte. 30 across from the library), where they will take your picture and create your ID card. 

When will I get my first paycheck?

All College employees are paid every two weeks. Full-time faculty are paid from July to June.  Provided you have completed and returned required employment documents, you will receive your first paycheck in early July. Payroll dates can be found here.

Faculty teaching less than full-time, but over the entire academic year are paid from July to June. Faculty who teach in one term only are paid over the term(s) in which they are teaching.  

Arrangements can be made to pick up checks, have checks mailed to a home address, or deposited directly to a local bank. Faculty may have their paychecks directly deposited in any U.S. national bank by filing the appropriate form with the Human Resources Office. More information is located here.  Faculty should contact the Human Resources office (ext. 5465) if they wish to change where they receive their paychecks. The responsible officer for the payroll is Cindy Wemette, the College's Controller (ext. 5573).

Questions about payroll matters should be addressed to Karen Carpenter, Payroll Manager (ext. 2008).

How do I get a parking sticker for my car?

Every vehicle parked on campus must be registered with Public Safety. It is recommended that you pre-register your personal vehicle on BannerWeb. Once logged on, choose "Personal Information", then "Register your personal vehicle at the Middlebury Campus."

When you arrive on campus, go to the Office of Public Safety (on Rte. 30 across from the new library) where you need to show your drivers license and registration.  You will receive a blue sticker to put on your rear window.

Where can I park on campus?

Faculty and staff must park in designated lots. Most lots on campus have some spots that are designated for faculty or staff.  For specific information about parking locations and restrictions, please check the Public Safety website.

How do I get reimbursed for moving expenses?

Collect all of your ORIGINAL receipts and fill out a regular voucher form, and include a separate summary page with the details of your expenses.  Once you have completed it, bring or send in campus mail the voucher form, summary sheet and original receipts to Lexie Carlson, Academic Affairs, in the Service Building office 214.  Information about what is considered a reimbursable expense and a link to the voucher form are on the Accounts Payable page.

I need to find a daycare for my child. Can you provide a list?

Please see the list provided here.

How do I use my office telephone to make business and personal calls?

Information can be found on this page.

Also, if you need general information about services available on our phones, please click here.

Can I apply for Professional Development Funds (FPDF) right away?

A new faculty member may apply for funding for projects beginning July 1, the start of new appointments.

How do I get extra furniture for my office?

Contact Thad Stowe in Facilities Management (ext. 5457).

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