A beautiful view of Old Chapel, one of the first College buildings constructed to accommodate a growing student body. (Credit: Chris Spencer )

The Partner Inclusion Program provides comprehensive support services to the spouses and partners of Middlebury employees. In order to inspire and sustain meaningful employment opportunities and community connections for spouses and partners, this program has built an active network of higher education institutions, businesses, and community organization.

Our services include

  • Confidential one-on-one employment and networking support
  • Guidance on how to use campus and community resources
  • A webpage dedicated to employment opportunities and community resources

… and much, much more! 

How to connect 
Contact Susan Edwards, Partner Inclusion Specialist 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As a partner of a faculty member, you have many options to start your employment search. Looking through this web page can be the first step, and then, if you need further support or guidance, a second step could be to reach out to Susan Edwards, the partner inclusion specialist, at for more individualized assistance.


Whether it’s a childcare center, after-school care, or nanny services, there are many options in Middlebury and Addison County for child care. Use any of the four childcare locator tools on this web page to find the best option for your family. Most childcare centers have wait lists, so get your name on those quickly. Also, you can utilize Front Porch Forum as a platform to network with your community to find the hidden childcare gems in your town. Utilize word-of-mouth as much as possible and let your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors know you’re looking for child care. Please reach out to Susan Edwards, the partner inclusion specialist, if you need additional support.


There are so many ways to meet people in Middlebury and Addison County. Check out the events section of our web page and find how to engage with the community that best suits you. In addition to attending events, going to farmers’ markets, volunteering, and learning a winter sport are great ways to make meaningful connections.