Welcome to the Partner Inclusion Program where we provide comprehensive support services to the spouses and partners of Middlebury employees.

Monterey campus spouse and partner support webpage

With highly attentive and personalized support, we assist spouses and partners of employees in obtaining relevant employment and community resources by connecting them to diverse campus and community networks.

Our services include

  • Confidential one-on-one career coaching
  • Access to an active network of higher education institutions, businesses, and community organization
  • Webpage dedicated to employment seekers
  • Guidance on how to use campus and community resources

How to connect 

Contact: Varna Ramaswamy - vmramaswamy@middlebury.edu

Additional information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As a partner of a faculty member, you have many options to start your employment search. Looking through this web page can be the first step, and then, if you need further support or guidance, a second step could be to reach out to Varna Ramaswamy at vmramaswamy@middlebury.edu for more individualized assistance.


Whether it’s a childcare center, after-school care, or nanny services, there are many options in Middlebury and Addison County for child care. Visit our Local Community Resources page for additional information.


If you are interested in finding employment opportunities at Middlebury please visit the Human Resources, Work at Middlebury webpage.