Among the acronyms you may hear in your colleagues' conversations are:

AA (Academic Administration)

BOC (Budget Oversight Committee)

(Coordinator of Academic Office Support)

CCI (Center for Careers & Internships)

CRF (Course Response Form)

CSE (Center for Social Entrepreneurship)

COR (Council on Reviews: includes the PC and the RC)

CTLR (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research)

DFDR (Dean for Faculty Development and Research)

EAC (Educational Affairs Committee)

FAP (Finance & Planning Committee)

FC (Faculty Council)

FOAPAL (budget number sequence in the Banner system)

FPDF (Faculty Professional Development Fund)

FRAF (Faculty Research Assistant Fund)

FTE (Full Time Equivalent--in reference to teaching)

IACUC (Animal care review committee)

IRB (Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects))

ITS (Information Technology Services)

PC (Promotions Committee: tenure and promotion to full professor)

PCI (Programs on Creativity & Innovation)

RC (Reappointments Committee: first reviews and contract reviews)

SPSF (Scholarly Publication Subvention Fund)

GSRO (Grants and Sponsored Research Office)

UCRF (Undergraduate Collaborative Research Fund)

URO (Undergraduate Research Office)

VPAA/DOF (Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty)

Academic Administration
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Middlebury College
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