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Benefits, Human Resources – Health and Welfare

Lisa Hoff (3372)

Benefits, Human Resources - Retirement

Franklin Daniel (5755)

Book orders and course packs for classes

Georgia Best (2258)

Budgets (department)

Lynn Dunton (3085)

Budgets (program enrichment funds)

Lynn Dunton (3085)

Calendar (Academic) information

Stephanie Neil (5117)

Catalogue:  Course

Janis Audet (2207)

Catalogue:  Winter Term

Janis Audet (2207)

Center for Teaching, Learning & Research/Peer Tutoring

JoAnn Brewer (3131)

Class lists

Department Coordinator

Classroom absenteeism

Commons Dean

Commencement information

Lisa Ayers (2885)

Commencement information (Summer Schools)

Beth Karnes Keefe (5685)

Computer Help Desk


Computers:  Academic computing

Mary Backus (5711)


Donna McDurfee (5380)

Convocation information

Lisa Ayers (2885)

Council on Reviews

Donna McDurfee (5380)

Course Response Forms

Madeleine Winterfalcon (2007)

Diversity Initiatives

Jennifer Herrera (5743)

Education Technology

Shel Sax (5679)

Educational Affairs Committee

Donna McDurfee (5380)

Elections to faculty committees

Donna McDurfee (5380)

Environmental Health and Safety

Jen Kazmierczak (x5726)

External Department Reviews

Sarah McGowan (5052)

Faculty housing

Pam Norton (5504)

Faculty meetings (scheduling, agenda)

Donna McDurfee (5380)

Faculty development funds (including travel to conferences)

Lynn Dunton (3085)

Film orders

Sue Driscoll (2048)

First-Year Seminars

Bob Cluss (5025)

Honor code (Cheating on tests, plagiarism, etc.)

Karen Guttentag (2024)

International Student and  Faculty Support

International Student

  & Scholar Services (5858)

Interview scheduling for recruiting

Charlene Barrett (5289)

Lecture series (symposia)

Madeleine Winterfalcon (2007)

Library:  general questions

Circulation (2000)

Matching Funds (Cost-Share) for Faculty Grants

Franci Farnsworth (5889)

Media Services

Help Desk (2200)

Moving expenses: (new faculty)

Charlene Barrett (5289)

Moving expenses: (faculty leave moving)

Lynn Dunton  (3085)

New Faculty Events

Madeleine Winterfalcon (2007)

Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad

Beth Miller (5745)

Office assignments

Janis Audet (2207)

Scheduling, Courses

Kathleen Parent (5961)

Scheduling, Events

Events Management (2885)

Sexual harassment

Susan Parsons Ritter (2246)

Laura Carotenuto (2012)

Sponsored Research (external faculty grants)

Franci Farnsworth (5889)

Alison Darrow (5132)

Start-up Funds

Lynn Dunton (3085)

Student employment

Student Employment Office (5377)

Student fellowships

Arlinda Wickland (2455)

Amy McGlashan (5103)

Peggy Burns (3450)

Student internships

Peggy Burns (3450)


Tax Manager (5742)

Telephone Operation questions

Virginia Bukowski (5657)

Threat Assessment

Melody Perkins (5133)

Winter Term

Janis Audet (2207)