Lunch and other Dining Services

If, as a member of the faculty or staff, you would like to join students in your class, an advisee, a member of your commons, or a student who serves on a committee with you, you are welcome to accompany them to the dining halls in Proctor Hall or Ross Commons for lunch or dinner. Atwater Dining Hall is open for breakfast and lunch only.  Simply invite the student(s), and then when you arrive at the dining hall, you will be asked to sign in, listing your name and department. You are the guest of the College.

In order to continue the program, and permit many faculty and staff to participate, however, we are asking that you limit your meals in the cafeteria to one meal per week during the academic year, and that you do take a student or students with you (rather than going with staff or faculty colleagues).

Language tables are held every weekday for lunch at Atwater dining room. All faculty who speak the language are welcome to attend.

For the hours and menus at The Grille (In McCullough Hall) you can consult the pages for Dining Services.

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