License to Drive College Vehicle

On occasion, faculty and staff on campus may want to either rent or use a College vehicle, or rent or use a vehicle paid for by the College.

In order to drive a College vehicle, College policy states that every faculty and staff driver must have a valid Vermont state license (if you have been in Vermont for more than 6 months) and a College license. Students must have a US or Canadian driver’s license. International licenses are good for only six months in Vermont. Defensive Driving workshops are scheduled monthly through the Environmental, Health & Safety Department. To obtain a College license to operate any motorized College vehicle, an employee is required to successfully complete a defensive driving workshop. In addition to the defensive driving workshop, those wishing to drive 15-passenger vans must also take a road orientation. Those who are licensed to drive the 15-passenger van may drive any vehicle not requiring a commercial driver's license (CDL), all other drivers are limited to a passenger car or 7-passenger vans. Additional information may be found on

Please contact the EH&S Coordinator (x5726) to sign up for a workshop or road orientation. To reserve a College vehicle you may contact facilities rental (x5462). In order to drive a vehicle paid for by the College, College policy states that a College license is required when renting (this includes local dealers). A College license is also required by anyone driving a golf cart or Gator vehicle.

New faculty are encouraged to review the College Vehicle Policy available at the Department of Public Safety or through the Environmental, Health & Safety Department before making any arrangements.

Defensive Driving workshop schedules can be found on the Business Services web page under "safety" or by calling EH&S at extension 5726.


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