Mentoring program for new faculty

The New Faculty Mentoring Program serves to enhance faculty development and retention at Middlebury College.  Small groups of new and veteran members of the faculty have the chance to engage in discussions of the challenges that incoming faculty at Middlebury College face.  Each group consists of two new faculty members and three mentors, consisting of tenured and untenured faculty drawn from different divisions or departments.  The mentor groups are intended to supplement department-level advising, so new faculty are generally assigned to groups consisting of mentors from divisions or departments other than their own.  Both term and tenure-track faculty participate in the New Faculty Mentoring Groups.  

In early summer, the Dean of the Faculty will provide the new mentors with contact information for their group members.  During the course of the summer Middlebury mentors may introduce themselves to the new faculty members that were assigned to them.  Prior to the start of the fall semester, new mentors and members of the previous mentor groups will meet to discuss the program and share effective strategies for mentoring.   

Mentoring groups will meet for the first time during new faculty orientation, scheduled for the last week of August.  During the academic year, mentoring groups meet monthly for lunches at the Grille or late afternoon refreshments at 51 Main.  Those meetings are sponsored by the office of the Dean of the Faculty.  There is no set agenda or structure for mentor group meetings.  Rather, each group has the opportunity to establish its own parameters and structure to meet the particular needs and interests of the group members.


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