Promotion and Tenure

The Council on Reviews (COR) consists of two subcommittees:


  • Reappointments Committee (for first reviews, contract reviews, and ten-year reviews)
  • Promotions Committee (reviews for tenure and for promotion to full professor)

The review process usually proceeds as follows, for a faculty member without prior experience:

  • Third semester: invitations to the department chair and another senior colleague to visit classes; followup meetings to discuss the visits and course evaluations
  • Third year: first review, followed by a meeting with the Reappointments Committee and a post-consultation meeting with the DoF and the department chair
  • Fifth or sixth year: leave
  • Seventh year (spring): tenure review

You can find details about the process and procedures in the Faculty Handbook section of the College Handbook.

If you have questions, you can talk to your department chair, the Dean of the Faculty, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or your faculty mentors.