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Faculty Professional Development Fund (FPDF)

(Administered by the Dean for Faculty Development and Research)
  • Up to a total of $3,000 in any fiscal year, pro-rated according to FTE
  • Conference travel up to $800 for conference(s) when not presenting
  • Language Teaching Assistants: Conference travel up to $650 for one conference per academic year at which a Language Teaching Assistant is making a presentation
  • Support for research needs:
  • Examples of covered expenditures: travel, supplies, up to $250 per year for membership fees to professional organizations (included within fiscal year allocations)
  • Examples of expenditures that are not covered: dissertation research, personal journal subscriptions, books
  • This is not an entitlement nor does it accumulate from year to year.
  • Deadlines: reviewed continuously, submit applications one month prior to travel.
  • FPDF web Application form should be completed and printed.¬† The printed copy of the application should be sent with any supporting documents to the Dean for Faculty Development and Research (Kathleen Parent, McKinley House 203A).

International per diem rates and domestic per diem rates may be used according to policy.

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