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  • LIS Liaison - Wendy Shook, Science Data Librarian, Armstrong Library 206, McCardell Bicentennial Hall, 802.443.5799, wshook@middlebury.edu.
  • Sciences Faculty LIS Advisory Group - Faculty Advisory Groups provide advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS on behalf of faculty.  The Chemistry and Biochemistry representative isRick bunt, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Department Chair, McCardell Bicentennial Hall 550, 802.443.2559, rbunt@middlebury.edu.
  • Student LIS Advisory Committee - The Student LIS Advisory Committee provides advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS on behalf of students.  It comprises 5-7 students selected by the SGA and LIS staff.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

McCardell Bicentennial Hall
276 Bicentennial Way
Middlebury College
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