The Computer Science Department at Middlebury offers a wide variety of courses that integrate computer science into the liberal arts curriculum. Our goal is to help our students develop strong algorithmic problem-solving skills as well as a deep understanding of the conceptual organization of computers and the fundamental principles of computer science.  Students from other disciplines who venture into the department for a course or two will also emerge with a deeper understanding not only of computer science, but of their own disciplines and how they have been impacted by computation and computational thinking.  A student graduating with a Middlebury College computer science major will be well equipped to create that impact, as we weave through the 21st century.

The Computer Science Department offers a flexible major in computer science as well as a minor.  Many of our students opt to pursue a double or joint major with another discipline, including physics, economics, mathematics, and others.

The department currently has 10 full-time faculty members and an assistant in instruction.  We are located on the sixth floor of McCardell Bicentennial Hall. Please come by and visit us!

We have two student clubs: Middle Endian, and WICS++ (Women in CS).

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Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) wafer