Movement Matters: Artistry and Experience within the Liberal Arts

Middlebury College's Interdisciplinary Choreographer Residency Program

What is Movement Matters?
Movement Matters is a 44-month institutional exploration of how human bodies literally and metaphorically shape our physical and political worlds. Through reciprocal arrangements between emerging artists in the field of dance and Middlebury College professors from across the curriculum, Movement Matters seeks to foster artistic creation and curricular development at the pedagogical nexus of embodied learning and scholarly interests with a special emphasis on increasing global understanding. Faculty and students will participate in traditional research as well as engage with their material through physical and choreographic problematizing. For example, students in economics might probe similarities between business negotiations and contact improvisation sessions, or faculty in foreign language departments could develop non-verbal communication exercises to enhance cultural competency. In any case, the collision of intellectual rigor and somatic technology will provide an expansive palette of inquiry abounding with new understandings of our increasingly global culture. 

Who should apply?
Emerging artists who have research/artistic interests in interdisciplinary collaboration and a desire to develop a creative process that involves multiple facets of experimentation.  Artists who believe their work has the capacity to encourage experimental thinking, instigate creative risk taking, foster collaborative leadership, stimulate intellectual communities and enhance and sustain interdisciplinary efforts across campus. Interested applicants should regard movement as the basis of their creative work and have an interest in bridging traditional and embodied scholarship; the results of which may integrate the performing arts into the education, service, and scholarly missions of the academy and engage the broad college community.  

The Selection Process
The selection process will take place in two phases.  The phases are designed to ensure that the artist selected as the Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer will be able to achieve his/her artistic goals within the structure of the program and that the college is equipped to support the development and research of the artist over a two-year period.

Phase 1: Upon the assessment of the applicant pool the Movement Matters steering committee will invite the three applicants whose research/artistry Middlebury College has the capacity to support and engage.

These three artists will be in residence for Winter Term 2015 (January 5-30,) While in residence these artists will be paired with a collaborative team of professors that represent their interdisciplinary interests.  Throughout the term these collaborative teams will develop a research model to be presented to students.

Upon completion of their presentations the teams and their research will be evaluated on the criteria of long term sustainability, impact on the greater college community, and the growth potential of the artist scholar within Middlebury College.

The artists chosen will be provided with housing and travel in addition to a $4000.00 residency stipend.

Phase 2: One artist will be chosen as the Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer. This artist will be in residence at Middlebury College Fall of 2015 though the Spring of 2017 (two academic years). During this time the artist is invited to partner with professors, staff, students and administrators to develop creative engagement strategies geared towards their research interest inside and outside of the classroom or studio. The Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer will be invited to envision the College as their laboratory.

The Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer will receive a salary, housing subsidy, and a creative research budget to cover the cost of presentations associated with their work.  Because this is not a faculty position, the Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer will not be asked to teach full courses; however partnering with current faculty to team-teach, co-facilitate, and develop creative curriculum is expected.  Because Middlebury College anticipates an applicant pool from a range of artists with varying degrees of professional commitments outside the College it is assumed that the Choreographer and the steering committee will work in tandem to create a residency schedule that ensures both the success of Movement Matters as well as the artistic endeavors of the chosen artist in the field.

Important Dates

Proposal/Form Submission Deadline April 4, 2014
Notification to 3 Selected Artists June 2, 2014
Winter Residency January 5-30, 2015
1 Artist Selected as the
Middlebury Interdisciplinary Choreographer
March 2, 2015
2-Year Residency  September 2015-May 2017