Movement Matters: Artistry and Experience within the Liberal Arts

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Middlebury College's Interdisciplinary Choreographer Residency Program

What is Movement Matters?

Movement Matters is a 44-month institutional exploration of how human bodies literally and metaphorically shape our physical and political worlds. Through reciprocal arrangements between emerging artists in the field of dance and Middlebury College professors from across the curriculum, Movement Matters seeks to foster artistic creation and curricular development at the pedagogical nexus of embodied learning and scholarly interests with a special emphasis on increasing global understanding. Faculty and students will participate in traditional research as well as engage with their material through physical and choreographic problematizing. For example, students in economics might probe similarities between business negotiations and contact improvisation sessions, or faculty in foreign language departments could develop non-verbal communication exercises to enhance cultural competency. In any case, the collision of intellectual rigor and somatic technology will provide an expansive palette of inquiry abounding with new understandings of our increasingly global culture.

Classes in December:

Tuesday, December 1 | 8-9a VFH 298 – AKA Goldsmith Lounge

Thursday, December 3 | 4:30-5:30p MCA 109

Come enjoy end of semester stress relief with movement for well-being. As part of the Movement Matters Residency, Maree ReMalia will facilitate two Gaga/people classes that are open to the public. These classes will be a wonderful warm up for your day and great cool down for your evening. No previous experience necessary, all ages 16+ welcome. Wear clothing that is comfortable for moving and feel free to bring a friend.

Happening now:

Throughout Fall 2015, Maree has been working on her second collaborative creation between South Korea and the United States with Korean movement artist, HyunJung Lee. They have been asking questions and sharing stories, resources, and movement relating to identity, family, sense of place, belonging, joy, suffering, violence, well-being, death, and hope. This week Maree is traveling to South Korea to perform E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in the Daegu International Dance Duet Festival with Hyun. This collage of a duet explores the bittersweet beauty in becoming, persevering, managing, and grappling with life’s exquisite challenges, both personal and communal. 

Video excerpts from our other work Slants

Meet the Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer at Middlebury

At the helm of these investigations will be our 2015-2017 Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer (MIC) at Middlebury, Maree ReMalia.  Maree was one of three artists chosen for the Winter Term Residency in which collaborations between faculty and students produced various points of inquiry and experimentation.  Maree was invited back as the MIC due to her ability to integrate various perspectives into her research, her interest and ability to collaborate with a plethora of disciplines and engage bodies of all backgrounds into her movement practice.

Please contact Maree if you are interested in collaborating:

*In your courses
*On creative projects
*Within student organizations
*In community groups
*And more…

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Dance Program Receives Mellon Grant

A 3-year interdisciplinary grant, "Movement Matters," will connect movement research with traditional scholarship across campus. Read more...

Video: Assistant Prof. Christal Brown discusses the Mellon grant.

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