Information for Prospective Students


It is a pleasure to introduce our Dance Program to you and encourage you to further investigate Middlebury College as the community in which to pursue your undergraduate career.

The Dance Program, with facilities in Middlebury's spectacular Mahaney Center for the Arts, offers major, joint major and minor courses of study as well as an environment that invites non-majors to dance. While our dance program is small, faculty is accessible and daily work is supported by a talented staff of musicians, a Lighting Designer/Technical Director and administrative staff. We host many concerts, master classes and lectures open to the general community. Guest choreographers share their work throughout the year, sometimes including students in creative process and performance, but always offering master classes, lectures and similar opportunities for personal contact.

The Dance Program at Middlebury College focuses on the creation of original creative work in a context that is interdisciplinary, grounded in both biological and environmental perspectives, and deeply connected to the current dance field.  The program distinguishes itself through a rich curricular tradition of improvisation, somatic learning, and utilization of the arts in the quest for cultural and environmental awareness.  

Our core curriculum consists of a series of courses in contemporary approaches to technique, composition and performance, experiential anatomy and somatics, dance history and cultural study, creative process, and improvisation. Further depth and range, tailored to the strengths and interests of each student, are achieved through study in theatre, art, music, philosophy, and other disciplines represented in the larger Middlebury curriculum.

Joint and full dance majors propose independent projects in their senior years. Projects, which often culminate in performance but which may take many forms, are designed to deepen learning and cultivate special areas of research or creative interest. Many of our students study abroad during their junior year joining programs all over the world that support their investigations of dance in other cultures.


The Dance Company of Middlebury (DCM) is a jewel in our crown. A for-credit course, DCM is faculty or guest-artist directed but almost always includes student choreography in some form. It is a touring ensemble providing advanced experience for dancers and choreographers. Open by yearly audition to sophomores, juniors and seniors, DCM produces original performance work and tours to locations in the US and abroad. Some years are spent closer to home, performing in schools and communities in neighboring states, others take the Company as far as the west coast, Europe or Latin America.

Our alumni perform in professional dance companies; choreograph independently and found their own companies; teach in colleges, universities, private and public educational institutions; and are enrolled in graduate programs across the country. They also pursue a wide range of careers putting their dance educations to work in a variety of ways. 

To see a 20-minute video overview of the program, "Dance At Middlebury" including faculty and student interviews and samples of student choreography, click here; or explore the past few years of the Dance Company of Middlebury (DCM).