Middlebury Dancers perform.

All of our graduating students are expected to do the following:

  • Attain an intermediate/advanced level of proficiency in contemporary dance techniques;
  • Cultivate the craft and imagination to choreograph and produce successful, original, contemporary dance works;
  • Gain experience in the theatrical possibilities of lighting design and digital video;
  • Achieve a perspective on creative processes across the arts;
  • Acquire a broad understanding of historical and cultural values expressed through dance;
  • Understand anatomy and kinesiology in the context of culture and the environment;
  • Demonstrate the ability to pursue scholarly research and presentation;
  • Develop the ability to articulate, to those familiar and unfamiliar with the field, the interdisciplinary aspects of dance and the potential for dance to both reflect and impact culture;
  • Successfully complete an original, independent senior performance project and or written thesis that demonstrates the emergence of their own artistic/scholarly voice.