Production Crew supports student, faculty, and guest artist concerts throughout the year or assist in the Dance Office. Offers fun, flexibility, and the chance to learn valuable job skills. Available positions are posted through the Student Employment Office.

The job descriptions listed below will only appear on the SEO site if there is a current availability.

Office Assistant, 057
Assist in various clerical tasks in the Dance Program office, including filing, copying, database management, and publicity.
Qualifications: Organizational skills required. Knowledge of common computer applications required. Transportation helpful, but not required. Afternoon availability preferred.

Costume Assistant, 058
Responsible for maintaining and caring for costume stock of Dance Program. Assist in costuming needs for productions, including alterations. Update and maintain costume inventory database. There may be opportunities for design and building experience.
Qualifications: Some basic sewing skills required. Organizational skills required. Dance or costuming backgrounds helpful. Transportation helpful, but not required.

Production Assistant, 059

Prepare technical elements for dance productions and guest artists, including: hanging/focusing lights, building/installing/removing scenery, some sound mixing/recording, running crew.
Qualifications: Previous experience or interest in technical theater preferred, some lifting/carrying required, evening and weekend availability required.

Videographer, 060
Videotape dance performances and informal showings. Some editing possibilities exist.
Qualifications: Previous experience with videography and/or dance preferred, but not required. Evening and weekend availability required.

Video Editor, 061

Produce edited master archive video for all dance performances. Organize and direct multiple camera video shoots. Videotape dance performances and informal showings. Assist in training less experienced videographers.
Qualifications:Previous experience with videography of dance required. Must be able to operate digital video equipment. Proficiency in Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro is required. Evening and weekend availability required. Summer employment possible.

Master Electrician, 062
Responsible for hanging, patching, trouble-shooting, and focusing light plot for dance productions. Responsible for maintaining and repairing lighting instruments as required. Assist in the supervision and training of new production assistants.
Qualifications:Previous experience as theatrical electrician required. Must be able to read and interpret production paperwork. Must be able to program and operate ETC computerized light board. Must have knowledge of theatrical wiring and dimming systems. Experience in working with less experienced students required. Previous lighting design experience helpful. Evening and weekend availability required.

Sound Technician, 063
Design, record, and operate custom sound collages for dance productions.
Qualifications: Previous experience with sound design, recording, editing, and engineering required. Must have wide knowledge of musical styles and artists. Must be able to operate 16 channel mixing board. Must be able to operate all recording and playback devices. Computer sound editing experience helpful. Evening and weekend availability required.

PE Instructor, 177
Design and implement progressive lesson plan for 10-week movement PE class, in various techniques. Maintain course rosters, verifying attendance requirements for those seeking PE credit.
Qualifications: Dance major preferred. Previous teaching experience preferred, ability to work independently required. Proficiency in a particular approach to dance technique is required, for example, ballet, modern, jazz, or a specific cultural form.