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Praxis I and II Exams

Praxis I: Academic Skills Assessments Pre-professional Skills Tests (PPST) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

These exams are designed to measure reading, writing, and mathematical skills, skills vital to all teacher candidates. The Reading and Mathematics tests are one-hour multiple-choice tests, while the Writing test includes both a 30-minute multiple choice and a 30-minute essay section.


Computer-Based Tests (CBT) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

These exams contain computer-delivered questions that require selecting single or multiple responses, highlighting or reordering information, or providing a constructed response. Each section is two hours to allow sufficient time for tutorials on computer use, the test itself, and background information for score reporting.

Praxis II: Subject Assessments

Only students seeking licensure in the following areas will need to take this assessment: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Elementary Education, English, Mathematics, Physics, Science, and Social Studies.

This test measures knowledge of the subjects to be taught, as well as general and subject-specific pedagogical skills and knowledge.

While successful completion of the student teaching semester and licensure portfolio fulfills the education minor and leads to a recommendation to the Vermont Department of Education for teacher licensure, the student will still need to obtain passing scores on the Praxis I and II Exams to secure their teaching license.

Please make sure that you use the following attending college and score recipient codes when you take the Praxis I and II Exams. Information on the Praxis Exams can be obtained from the Director of Education Studies, or from ETS. The Teacher Resource Room has copies of practice Praxis Exams and selected preparation guides.

Score Recipient

R3526 Middlebury College
R8410 Vermont Department of Education

Attending College

A3526 Middlebury College

Program in Education Studies

Twilight Hall
50 Franklin Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753

fax 802.443.6010