Scholarship Opportunities for Vermont Language Teachers and Education Studies Students at the Middlebury College Language Schools

In an effort to share its language resources with as many teachers and students as possible, Middlebury will offer a Vermont Language Teacher Scholarship for a Vermont secondary school language teacher and for a Middlebury College Education Studies student.

To help current and future language teachers increase their language proficiency, enhance their pedagogical skills, and learn how to use  educational technology in the classroom, Middlebury will offer  scholarships, in any of the ten languages offered, to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • One scholarship for a current secondary school language teacher in Vermont. This person will live on campus, must take the Language Pledge®, will receive course credit and remission of tuition, room and board for one summer. The applicant must be currently employed as a language teacher in a Vermont secondary school and want to engage in further study of the language he or she is currently teaching, or preparing to undertake the teaching of a second foreign language.
  • One scholarship for a Middlebury College Education Studies student who is in the process of becoming certified to teach a foreign language. The student will live on campus, must take the Language Pledge® and will receive course credit as well as remission of tuition, room and board for one summer. The student must receive the endorsement of the Director of the Program in Education Studies at Middlebury College.

The Middlebury Language Schools

With the Language Pledge® and a commitment to the integrated study of language and culture serving as hallmarks for all ten Middlebury Language Schools, generations of language educators have benefited from "the Middlebury approach" -- experimenting, testing, refining, but always demanding the utmost in dedication from themselves and from their students. More than 30,000 students have pursued study at the Language Schools throughout its 98-year history; over 10,000 have earned graduate degrees, and most of these have themselves become language teachers, making Middlebury's national impact on language teaching even more dramatic.

At Middlebury, language is considered to be the bridge that links person-to-person, culture-to-culture and nation-to-nation. As we witness growing linguistic and cultural diversity and burgeoning interest in forging economic links with other countries, it is important that we pay attention to the adequacy of our linguistic resources to meet the challenges. Middlebury's primary goal is to have a positive impact on language education, to ensure that language teachers throughout Vermont have the opportunity to become as effective as possible, and to nurture teachers as a resource of critical importance to Vermont's educational and economic future.

Application process

  • Complete all portions of the on-line application for the appropriate Language School by March 1, 2015.
  • In addition to the letters of recommendation required for admission, submit a letter from the school principal, (or Director of the Program in Education Studies in the case of Middlebury College students) nominating you for the Vermont Language Teacher Scholarship, explaining how the program would contribute both to personal development and to the goals of the applicant.
  • Applicants who wish to undertake the study of a new language must submit a statement that makes a case for the relevance of this language to their career goals. Most applicants will apply for study in the language(s) they currently teach.

Once a scholarship applicant has been accepted for admission, the application will be submitted to the Vice President for Language Schools, School Abroad, and Graduate Programs, who will review and select finalists. Selection will be based on demonstrated commitment to language teaching and evidence of academic ability and language competence.

The Vermont Teacher Scholarship program is for one summer only; participants may not re-apply for assistance from this program.  Participants may, however, re-apply to a Language School for additional summers of study or for degree candidacy.  If a participant is accepted for degree candidacy, the credits earned through the Vermont Teacher program may be applied to the degree if appropriate.

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