New York City Urban Education Internship

Every winter term the Education Studies Program arranges for students to do field placements at schools in New York City. Generally, we can support up to ten students depending on housing needs.

The purpose of this month long internship in a NYC school is to:

  1. provide the opportunity for you to become familiar with the true joys and real challenges of urban education generally, and
  2. to get to know a group of students in one classroom such that you might actually have opportunities to facilitate their learning.

In order to increase the likelihood that we will meet both of these objectives students are placed with Middlebury College alumni who are teachers in NYC public schools.  Placements will not shift around the city to different schools, but rather a long term placement in one school in order that it might actually lead to more meaningful interactions for the intern and genuine learning for the students. Our alumni are familiar with the Middlebury College Education program and understand what a J term is as well as what is, and is not, possible in one month.  All placement teachers are also marvelous, dedicated, exemplary educators.

Program in Education Studies

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