Environmental Literature and Writing Courses

The following courses are approved for the Environmental Literature and Environmental Writing foci

ENAM 108 "Animals in Literature" (Losano)

CRWR 173 "Environmental Reading and Writing Workshop" (Bain)

ENAM 201 "The Court and the Wild" (Wells section only)

ENAM 206 "Nineteenth Century American Literature" (Millier, Evans)

ENAM 208 "Literary Landscapes, 1700-1900" (Napier)

ENAM 227 "Nature, Culture, Poetry" (Brayton)

ENAM 243 "Maritime Literature and Culture" (Brayton)

ENAM 311 "Nature's Renaissance" (Billings)

ENAM 445 "Recent Novels of Environmental Justice" (Brayton)

CRWR 1005 "Adventure Writing and Digital Storytelling" (Lourie)

Program in Environmental Studies

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531 College Street
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