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Baldwin Coney Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Middlebury students to help defray the cost of attending field camp. It was established in 1987 to honor Peter Coney and Brew Baldwin, both of whom taught in the geology department. Peter Coney taught at Middlebury from 1966 until 1975. Brew Baldwin taught here from 1958 until his death in 1992. Both emphasized the importance of student immersion in field work on real geological problems. In many respects, they formed the foundation for and shaped the current geology curriculum.

Middlebury geology majors can apply for funds from this scholarship by submitting a letter of intent to the department chair. Alumni who wish to contribute to the fund can do so directly to the college.

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Below is a list of recent recipients of the scholarship:



Field Camp Attended


 Josh Johnson

 Frontiers Abroad, New Zealand


 Daniel J. Hobbs

 Frontiers Abroad, New Zealand


 Cameron Mercer

 Fort Lewis College, Colorado


 Chelsea Ward-Waller


2009Jonathan Moen

University of Missouri-Columbia     Wyoming

2009Victor Guevara

University of Houston Montana

2009Jason Sanford

Cornell University Argentine Andes


2007Emily DawsonItaly
2006Katherine Kirsch 


Annie Christopher

Hamilton College, Iceland


Donovan Dums

University of Alaska


Katie Hayo

Boston University, Iceland


Donovan Dums

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kamchatka Peninsula

Levi Doria

University of Vermont


Jeremy Shakun

Idaho State University


PJ Gardner

Appalachian State

Jamie Laidlaw

Indiana University


Emily Onasch

Idaho State University

Jill Werthiem

Idaho State University


Aaron Baggish

Arizona State University


Elizabeth Mattox

Idaho State University

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