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East Asian Studies Recent Student Theses

2019, Travis Sanderson, "Black Cat's Claw: The Impact of Migrant Regulations on Structural Inequality in the People's Republic of China"

2019, Carissa Yan-Yi Lee, "Colonial Nostalgia of the Japanese Occupation and Taiwanese Identity"

2018, John Husson, "All in the Mind? Forgetting the Internal and External in Wang Yangming’s Interpretation of the Mencius-Gaozi Debates"

2018, Mari Tanioka, "The Collective Memory Construction of the "Janfu" System in Mainland China"

2018, Mika Wysocki, "Authoritarianism in the Digital Age: Exploring big data’s role in the CCP’s social control strategy"

2017, Caroline Agsten, "Stratifying Spaces or Green Places? Gendering Public Parks in Beijing and Shanghai"

2016, Timothy Fraser, "Restarting the Sendai Reactor: Ecology of Japanese Civic Activism Post-Fukushima"

2016, Khine Thant Su, "Cold War Relations Between the PRC and the Anti-Communist Military Government of Burma"

2015, Matthew Butler, “Educating the Asian Miracle Economies: Comparative Study of Education Reform and Transitional Development in China and Japan”

2015, Holly Hummer, “Born Shinto, Marry Christian, Die Buddhist?’: Deconstructing the Myth of Japanese Religiosity within an Aging Society"

2015, Liza Keller, “Why Fight for Your Rights?: A Comparative Analysis of Student Mobilization in the Umbrella and Sunflower Movements”​

2014, Julia Madden, "Assessing Internet Censorship in China: Weibo Sensitive Discourse, and Collective Action"

2014, Skylar Dallmeyer-Drennen, “National Model Cities for Environmental Protection: A Model for Urban Environmentalism?”

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