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Global Environmental Change

Global Environmental Change

The planet is facing extraordinary challenges; among them are climate change, loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation, and the unequal distribution of critical resources. Indeed, the environmental challenges that the world now faces have never been more complex, posing greater threat to people around the globe. This track exposes students to the complex relationship between people and their environments at local, national and global scales. It highlights issues of social and environmental (in)justices as experienced cross-culturally, and the ways people have responded to and addressed environmental change.

Track Requirements
Students must take 5 thematic courses from this list which include:

  • One introductory course
  • Two courses on the impact of environmental change
  • One course on social (in)Justice and the environment
  • One course on responses and adaptation to environmental change

No more than one course can focus on the U.S, and not more than one course can be at the 400 level. Some courses are listed in more than one category. Courses cannot double count.

Language Study
Students must become proficient in one of the languages that Middlebury College teaches. Individual language departments determine what level of study constitutes proficiency, and students are expected to do advanced work in their target language. All majors must take at least one advanced course in the language of study upon returning from abroad and are encouraged to take more than one. Students who, upon declaring the IGS major, have been determined proficient in one of their region’s languages will continue to take this language at the advanced level and are strongly recommended to take one year or equivalent of another language.  The additional language should be chosen in consultation with the advisor.

Because issues relating to the environment transcend countries and regions, majors may learn any language taught at Middlebury. Students wishing to study in programs that focus on Global Environmental Issues in an English-speaking country may do so, provided that they also study at least one semester on a Middlebury program in the region corresponding to their language.

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