The Department of Mathematics offers courses in a variety of areas within the mathematical sciences. These areas include analysis, algebra and number theory, topology, geometry, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, graph theory and combinatorics, and mathematical modeling.

Accompanying the growth of applications in many fields has been the enrichment of our own programs by the addition and reorganization of courses offered to accommodate such applications. 
Our programs are designed to be carefully integrated into the liberal arts traditions of Middlebury College. They serve the needs of four groups of Middlebury College students:

  1. Those who are interested in mathematics, but who will not have a major or a minor in a field that requires mathematics courses.
  2. Those who need mathematics as an integral part of their chosen major or minor.
  3. Those who choose to major or minor in mathematics, emphasizing a traditional study of mathematics and its modern applications.
  4. Those who choose the mathematical sciences option in the mathematics major, emphasizing the connections between mathematics and allied disciplines.

A student who chooses to major or minor in mathematics will choose several electives, with the help of departmental advisors, in order to best fulfill the student's particular mathematical needs and goals.  All majors will complete a 700-level capstone course, The Senior Seminar course MATH 0704 involves writing and presenting a substantial paper on a mathematical topic selected under the guidance of an individual faculty thesis advisor. Other senior seminars are more focused; students study a common body of material before writing papers on related topics.


Department of Mathematics

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