Required for the Major 

Eleven courses total, at least six of which must be taken at Middlebury College in Vermont:

  • Core courses: MATH 0122, MATH 0200, MATH 0223, MATH 0302, and MATH 0323 (at least one of the latter two to be completed by the end of the junior year)
  • Electives: five MATH electives at the 0200-level or above
  • Senior work: A 0700-level MATH seminar in the senior year

Students interested in advanced work in applied mathematics may wish to include a post-calculus sequence of courses in their area of specialization. Examples are MATH 0310 and 0311, MATH 0310 and 0410. A list of current options is maintained on the department web page. The second course in these specifically designated sequences may be counted in place of MATH 302 for the major. 

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to include a proof-based course such as MATH 0241 or MATH 0247 early in their programs. This is especially helpful prior to taking MATH 0302 or MATH 0323. 

Students planning a 3-2 engineering program who wish to major in Mathematics should complete the 700-level senior seminar in their sixth semester at Middlebury. 


Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors in mathematics must take one additional elective (12 courses total). Honors designations are based on senior work and GPA within the major.

Required for the Minor

Six courses total at least half of which must be taken at Middlebury College in Vermont:

  • MATH 0121
  • MATH 0122
  • MATH 0200
  • Plus three courses at the 0200-level or above

Joint Majors

The Department of Mathematics does not offer a joint major.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement in the department is offered to first-year students whose secondary training indicates they can commonly bypass one or more of the beginning courses in mathematics.

Majors typically begin their study of mathematics in MATH 0122 or MATH 0200. Mathematics majors who need to begin the study of calculus with MATH 0121 may arrange with their advisors to use this course as one of the required electives. Credits for MATH 0121 and 0122 may be earned through the College Board AP exams or international exams such as the A-Levels or IB. At the discretion of the chair, additional courses may be waived in recognition of exceptional secondary school preparation. However, in all cases the major must include at least seven (7) Middlebury College or approved transfer courses, and the minor must include at least 4. Students who have earned grades on advanced placement calculus exams that are eligible for credit may not register for the equivalent course at Middlebury College.

Thus students who have earned 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB exam or a 3 on the Calculus BC exam may not register for MATH 0121, students who have earned 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC exam may not register for MATH 0121 or MATH 0122. This policy applies irrespective of whether students choose to use their AP credits toward meeting Middlebury’s graduation requirements. The following international credentials carry the same credit as a 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC Exam: A-level exam with a mathematics grade of A, B, or C; or IB Higher Level Mathematics with a grade of 6 or 7.

See more information on Placement.

Other Credits

Because of the wide variation in course offerings at other institutions, students wishing to substitute a course from another college for any course in mathematics must seek approval from the department before registering for the course.