“Without mathematics, there is nothing you can do.  Everything around you is mathematics.” 
~ Shakuntala Devi (1929-2013), the woman known as the “Human Computer”

What is Applied Math?

Applied math is a branch of mathematics focused on the development and application of mathematical methods and techniques to solve real world problems.  It is a powerful combination of mathematical theory/analysis, computational techniques/simulations, and mathematical modeling that helps to advance scientific understanding in many interdisciplinary fields. 

For more information about applied mathematics and possible career paths, we encourage you to explore the Society for Industrial and Applied Math (SIAM) Website.

Interested in Studying Applied Math at Midd?

Beginning in the academic year 2024-2025, students can choose to follow the Applied Math Track through the mathematics major.  This track provides students with clear guidance for designing a math major course of study that includes the breadth and depth of knowledge/skills in the three fundamental areas of applied mathematics: theory/analysis, mathematical computation, and modeling/applications.  It also provides flexibility for students to customize their math studies according to their interests.

If this path appeals to you, then we recommend that you reach out to one of the following faculty members specializing in applied math:

Please visit the Requirements page for more information about the applied math track course requirements.  For an overview of the track through the major, see the flowchart below, also available here

Flow chart depicting the progression through the applied math track.

Getting Started 

If you are interested in exploring applied math, start by taking MATH 0226 Differential Equations as soon as possible (pre-reqs are MATH 0122 and MATH 0200). You can take MATH 0226 concurrently with MATH 0223 Multivariable Calculus. This course is often a necessary prerequisite for students seeking summer Research Experiences for Undergrads (REUs) or other undergraduate research opportunities in applied math.

Making the most of our electives

The applied track requires three electives that count towards the mathematics major.  You can choose whatever courses interest you.  We have found the following electives to be great additions to your applied math background: MATH 0247, MATH 0310*, STAT 0311, MATH 0318, MATH 0325*, or MATH 0410

*MATH 0310 Probability and MATH 0325 Complex Analysis are strongly recommended for students wishing to pursue graduate work in applied mathematics. 

For descriptions of the courses listed above, see the Courses page on the Mathematics Department Website.

Tentative Schedule for Applied Math Track Electives

We are excited to offer a variety of applied math courses! We strive to offer one computational elective and one advanced differential equations elective each academic year. As a result, many of our electives are offered every other year. In order to complete the Applied Math Track you must take either MATH 0715 or MATH 0728 as your senior seminar. We strongly encourage you to take these electives as soon as you can!

To help with your course planning, here is a tentative schedule for the applied mathematics track electives we currently offer.

  • MATH 0226 Differential Equations (offered every semester)
  • MATH 0228 Intro to Numerical Analysis (Spring 24, offered every other year)
  • MATH 0315 Mathematical Modeling (Fall 24, offered every other year)
  • MATH 0326 Partial Differential Equations (Fall 25, offered every other year)
  • MATH 0328 Numerical Linear Algebra (Spring 25, offered every other year)
  • MATH 0715 Advanced Math Modeling Seminar (Spring 26)
  • MATH 0728 Math Fluid Dynamics Seminar (Spring 24)