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WELCOME to our newest faculty member,
Systems Neuroscientist

NSCI Thesis Presentations (MBH 220):
5/10 @ 12:30pm:  Reshma Gogineni
5/10 @  4:50pm:  Andrew Kreuzman
5/11 @ 4:50pm:  Christina Pil
5/11 @ 5:10pm:  Abigail Belser
5/11 @ 5:30pm:  Todd Hunsaker
5/12 @ 12:30pm:  Erin Miller

Class of 2016 Senior Reception!
Friday, May 27th
3:30pm in the Great Hall


‘Discover the Brain’ Offers Students an Intro to Neuroscience



Congratulations to Prof. Mark Spritzer and grad Leanne Shulman on their new publication in the journal Physiology and Behavior:
Leanne M. Shulman*, Mark D. Spritzer 2014. Changes in sexual behavior and testosterone levels of males rats in response to daily interactions with estrus females. Physiology and Behavior 133: 8-13.

Program in Neuroscience

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