Neuroscience students have a variety of research opportunities available to them.

Student and Faculty Research

Students may choose to volunteer in faculty research labs, work as a paid research assistant, work as a summer research assistant, or enroll in independent research with a willing faculty mentor. Students enrolling in independent research before their senior year enroll in NSCI 0500. Seniors enroll in NSCI 0700, and seniors who successfully complete at least one term of NSCI 0700 may be able to pursue a final term of senior thesis research (NSCI 0701) described below.

Senior neuroscience students may pursue an honors thesis, a two-to-three semester independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Many student-faculty research collaborations culminate in journal and conference publications and presentations, or a presentation during Middlebury’s Student Research Symposium in April.

Students interested in learning more about the research opportunities in neuroscience at Middlebury should consult the neuroscience Research Labs.

See Tips for Approaching Faculty to inquire about research positions.

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