These are the learning goals for all graduating neuroscience majors:  

  1. Students should demonstrate a broad intellectual foundation in neuroscience, including molecular, cellular, cognitive, philosophical, and systems-level perspectives, and should understand how how those perspectives are interrelated.

  2. Students should understand the significance of the scientific method as a route to understanding, including the importance of objective observation, hypothesis development, experimental design, statistical analysis, analytical reasoning, and arriving at conclusions based upon evidence.

  3. Students should learn to critically assess neuroscience literature.

  4. Students should develop their written and oral communication abilities, such that they can convey the essence of neuroscience to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  5. Students should become proficient with neuroscience research techniques.

  6. Because it reflects the nature of neuroscientific research, students should develop both the ability to work collaboratively, as well as independently, on scholarly projects.