Academic Advising is an ongoing conversation between students and faculty central to the Middlebury experience, lasting from the earliest days of the First Year Seminar to the selection of a major to the planning for graduation and life after college.


In the classroom, in the office, over lunch, or while chatting along the walkways around campus, Middlebury College faculty foster students' independence while helping them plan their futures. Students work individually with faculty to develop multi-year strategies that reflect their diverse interests, strengths and academic goals.

Students' advising needs change over their four years at Middlebury:

First-Year Students: Choosing Courses, Transitioning to College Academics

SophomoresDeclaring a Major, Choosing an Adviser, Preparing to Go Abroad

Juniors: Studying Abroad, Internships, Requirements of Majors

Seniors: Senior Research, Capstone Work, Completing the Major, Graduate School and Employment