First Year Advising

All first-year students are advised by the instructor in their First Year Seminar, a course selected the summer before their enrollment. The majority of professors in those classes, which have a maximum of fifteen students, are faculty with several years of experience at Middlebury, and many are senior faculty. This innovative arrangement, largely unique to Middlebury, ensures frequency of contact between adviser and advisee and has served Middlebury students well for over a decade.

Pre-Orientation Preparation

To prepare for meaningful conversations with their First Year Seminar adviser during orientation, we expect that first-year students will begin thinking prior to orientation how they can best take advantage of Middlebury's curriculum. First-year students should review the materials below to familiarize themselves with Middlebury's curriculum, learn about the exciting courses our faculty offer, and understand how they will select and register for courses.

Course Catalog

Course Schedule

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