Using Peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors in Your Classes


Tutor and Student

Just as faculty benefit from having peers read their work prior to publication, students benefit from having their work read by peers before it is graded. In both cases, peer readers bring their experience - as writers of the same sort of works – to their experience as critical readers.

For more detailed information and useful handouts look here and here.

Peer Writing Tutors

Peer Writing Tutors are trained to be the authorized help for students, to ask probing questions about the papers they read, and to make positive suggestions for improvement of those papers. Peer Writing Tutors work in college writing classes and hold evening drop-in hours at the Writing Center in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research, Davis Family Library 225.

FYS Mentors for Academics and Writing

The First-Year Seminar Mentor for Academics and Writing serves as a mentor and writing tutor for first-year students, assisting them with writing and oral presentation skills, time and project management.The Mentor can work with students in your first-year seminar individually or in groups, either during class time or outside of class, for up to 60 hours over the course of the semester.  The Mentors will be trained, supervised, and paid by CTLR.